Xu Xuan gently pressed her down,Tucked her quilt in the past,Put your index finger to your mouth and sigh gently。

Watching the little girl being sent into the observation room,Xu Xuan still didn’t leave。
Half an hour later,The little girl’s parents rushed over,I am thankful to see Xu Xuan again。
The little girl has a nice name called:this year9year old,Leukemia was diagnosed last year,I have been treated in other hospitals before。
After the inspection this morning,Her parents went out to raise money together,But when I came back to see that the child was gone!
It scared them to death,While calling the police, I came out looking for it under heavy rain,But where can I find it?
I just received a call from the police station,New York University Medical Center just sent a little girl here,When they hear this feature, they know they are their children,So I hurried over。
“You mean she left by herself?”
“But why?”
“I don’t want to be cured,After all, leukemia.”The black man who sent them shook his head,Seeing the little girl’s face full of pity。
“Can i ask you one thing?”
Xu Xuan suddenly said to the little girl’s parents。
Both of them were taken aback,Raising my head and looking at Xu Xuan in confusion.

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