Although this deal has not been successful,May be a rumor,But Smart still decided to prove himself!

And nothing is more convincing than defeating Xu Xuan one-on-one on the court.!
At night7point,The Knicks’ away game against the Celtics is about to begin。
Celtics current record7Win13negative,Not as good as New York。
of course,They are now in the reconstruction stage,It’s not surprising what kind of record he played。
The final preparation time before the game is over,Starters from both sides play。
Knicks side,Xu Xuan、Shumper、melon、Quincy、Stoudemire’s starting lineup。
Celtic side,Londo、Turner、Jeff·Green、Jared·Salinger、Taylor·Zeller’s starting lineup debut。
Marshal standing on the sidelines,The young marshal looked at Xu Xuan with fiery and uncontrollable appreciation in his eyes!
God knows how much he wants to work with Xu Xuan,It’s a pity that even if it’s An Ji,,Until now,The Celtics still didn’t get him,It made him regret it,If he insisted a little bit,Maybe the result will change, maybe?
Then Xu Xuan is from the Celtics.
It’s a pity that nothing happens,He knew,I want to get Xu Xuan now,The difficulty is still very big!
Listen to Angie about Phil·Jackson has corrected the previous chips,Turned to the first round pick。
Tenaga a first-round pick!
Asking prices!
A second round show has to change so many things?
Turner should change,But Angie can’t bear that first round pick。
This is the bargaining chip he has reserved for the return of a super star tomorrow summer!

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