if not,It will not be bound by Qin Rui,Special trip to deal with summer。

Nai,They don’t know from beginning to end,What kind of person is facing。
A painful boring,I saw a bodyguard was hit in the crowd.,The ribs do not know how many roots being shocked,Blood water splash in half air。
Spin,Summer in the fantasy feet of the wind,It turned out to make a high and high。
this moment,He is surrounded by the upper clothes.,Black hair mad flying。
He twisted his waist in the air,I actually kicked a bodyguard that tried to double-arm block directly.,Blood all the way。
then,He slammed,The bones of the whole bones have made a burst-like http://www.growthfull.cn fried,Take him,As if there is an invisible air wave swept。
Surrounding the wind,Summer news is generally left a shadow in the crowd。
Again,It’s been a bodyguard.,A punch,It is like a push-up shell,In the bone fragmentation,Flying out of ten meters far。
then,His figure is swinging,Every inch of the muscles in the body seems to live,Roster,惊 惊 鸿,At present, there is another person near。
In the mucker in dense burst,This bodyguard is constantly retreating,And the summer is tight,Constantly。
When he leaves,This guy fell into the ground.。
嗖 嗖 残 影 影,A acceleration in the summer,The stand is hit in a person,An elbow,Top of the opponent。
When he was played out,The bodyguards around you can hear the sound of my bones.,Fly over the ground far,Spap。
Various dull collisions are endless,Both sides http://www.shengshifw.cn have killed red eyes。
There are several people who have rid of them.,pity,They can’t cause any danger to summer.,Even if it is hard to hurt,Every place in his body,Simply and exercise,And he opened a big combat method,Directly, Qin Rui stunned,Face iron。
A sputum sound in the venue,Nothing stop in one second,Circumstances,Miserable call,Hate,Bone cracked into a piece,Credit red blood splashes in the air。
For summer,This is not a fierce battle.,Can be used for these bodyguards,It is a nightmare。
Fast in the field is quiet,People who have no hands around,The ground is full or horrible,Or coma bodyguard。
Just at this time,A luxury car in Wolong Lake。
They are all famous currents come to the semester.,After the season red leaves,These people naturally have no reason to continue。
But I didn’t expect it.,Just arrived,Just see a scene in front of you。
what happened?
have no idea。
But everyone looks clear,The only standing in the field,Summer that just left shortly。
At his foot,A piece of mourning。
Liu Qingqing and Qinling have naturally seen this scene.。
“That is……My big?”Qinling face sudden change,“he……He actually came personally.?”

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