Middle-aged man is desperate,Double eyes,A white point is extremely magnified,Then it is completely covered with pupils。

Sword is ambient,I have swept his neck in my moment.。
Human head rushed high,Fly out,Headless corpse Blood Arrow is spraying more meters high。
Flying out of the head,The middle-aged man issued the last desperate scream。
He is coming to kill the summer,How can I die?。
He does not believe in the fact that,Under so many masters,Under the serious injury of the other party,He was killed。
Eyes gradually scattered,The face is still not sweet and not believed.,Head is heavy on the ground,Still keep rolling down。
Suddenly,The double-eyed blade is generally cold-cooled to catch up.,Summer long sword to the sky,Kill back。
Now now,Not you die, I die。
Summer is more fierce,Open a big way,Jiancheng is full,Sword。
The Jian Mang, a Tao, has been connected.,Form a horrific sword。
Found,Blood light is constant。
Leaders have been killed,The rest of the people have no main bones,Their end has been destined。
Time is not long。
There is no escape。
When everything is stopped,His feet are lying on the horizontal and eight shadow。
Blood is like a small stream,Blood fog in the air,Spike。
Summer column,Bloody sword tip, answer, dripping ground,He http://www.xingfudaren.cn is already blood,Even the half of the small flower is also reddish by blood.。
Silent silence,Killing and war in summer,It is more blazing,The whole person is like a sword that is a sheath.。
“Brother……”The face of small flowers is pale to the extreme,But she is still very obedient,It is still close to the eyes until now.。
“good,Don’t blink。”
Summer sound is slightly slow,Immediately trample on the blood of the blood。
It’s just a hundred meters.,He stopped。
Such as the sword is close up,Face also downs to the extreme。
“Just now is the Xuanyun Road of Lotus School.,Pity。”
“It is a pity,Xuantong livers and Xuan Yun Taoist also won the old power of the lotus party.,I didn’t expect to die in the summer.。
Huh,I am afraid that no one thinks,Summer, even if you have never,Perhaps seriously injured,But http://www.iyanbang.cn he is still strong, it is afraid.。”
With the sound,Two stones are gentle,Slowly walk from the darkness,Blocking summer。
NS2607chapter Strong enemy crisis
Summer quiet look at the two people,No opening。
But his face is very dignified。
When the air machine of these two people is locked in his body,He felt their powerful。
And one of the people’s appearance,Let him feel some familiar,It is not a memory。
This is a 50-year-old man,But he is not old at all.,Reverse,Body is very strong,Muscles are like Tonglong,Meil and mirient。
“Who are you。”
Asked in summer。
Men did not speak,The knife-cut face is a bruising,Endless killing。

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