Day night,Rui Rui lived in special qualifications,All the table is all Zheng Yao first,Judges some of their blurred information,It seems to be worried about these people,In fact, it is rumored that things after I want to be injured.。

I suddenly received a call from the next day at noon next day.,Said that Song Xiaofan and Zhao Ji near Fuyong Lane,Qi Rui immediately called Wang Mun in:“People calling the Jikkang belt several action groups to take us,May be caught in the judgment combination today!”
“Yes!”Wang Manchun listened to the excitement,She is immediately informing the action group,
Rui Rui wearing a suit, also take this hat, sit in the car.,Jijang with five action groups with five action groups,Two cars are running in Fuyong Lane, who is running in the legal concession.。
After waiting, it is ruthlessly reported to Qi Rui.:“Class long,We have determined that two people are Song Xiaofan and Zhao Ji.,They bought some things left,I sent two people and Fujita.。”
“go!Today, I must destroy Zheng Yao first.,Everyone all gives me a spirit!”Rui Rui said very excited,
Swords left along the special agent,Rui Rui, the 18 specials found two specials of tracking Zhao Ji and Song Xiaofa.。
“Class long,The two people entered the front of the warehouse,We are worried that they have never passed。”Suzuki said,
“Did the warehouse detected??”
“Detection,This warehouse has a back door,But from the outside。”
“So, people who want to leave can only leave the front door or windows?”
“It should be like this。”
“Allocate,This time is a chance of our special class.,Because it is likely to kill the kings and the murderer of our imperial friends!”
Rui Rui said that this bite all puts the gun in his hand.。
Qi Rui command:“High wooden!You take six people to the back door.,I want to open the door entry,I took people from the front door.,Everyone remember!Never let go of one!”
“High wooden!Five minutes later!”
Gao Wizard ran to the back door with five people,After five minutes, I have ordered it.,The special lesson of the special lesson is the first to enter,Rui Rui with six specials of the college, Wang Manchun, also rushed into the warehouse.。
At this time, I heard a whistle.,Following two guns,Rui Rui’s chest is in the upper place,A special agent around him is also a bullet.。
“Class long!”Wang Manchun looked at the long booves lying on the ground,
“Rush in and killed them”Rui Rui intermittently finished finishing。
“Quickly send the class long to the hospital,Here to us!”Jiji Kang command,
Wang Manchun and two special skills dragged the long pool to the warehouse,At this time, the battle has already begun.。
Alpine in Su Qian,She is a bit distressed:“You shot and hit sharply, you don’t want to jump.?”
“Why do I want to jump?,I won’t be like this.,I will not fight for nine brothers.!”Su Qian said that the trigger killed a special agent,He is a skilled tip of the bullet to aim a target again.。
“Modest,Nine brothers are fine.?”When Tiecheng kills a bullet, ask,
“Don’t worry, don’t have anything.,But it should be serious.。”Su Qian said,
“now it’s right,The nine brothers will never doubt him.。”
“Six brother said,Come people can kill a few,Just let the nine brothers will leave。”
“Nine brothers should have gone。”
“Why do you call him Nine??”Gao Han asked,
“Because he is our nine brother.!What is the nine brother??”
“Six brother,Nine brother,Is it a ritual brother??”
“have no idea!Alpine,I found that you are very interested in our nine brothers.!”
“Don’t say,I don’t have!”The cold said that I shot a devil.。
NS200chapter How do you come to Hu?!
The back door is intentionally,Just give the devil after a door, no one is illusion.,Zheng Yao took Song Xiaofan,Zhao Ji Zhi,Song Zi four people ambush in the back door,Gao Widen people open the door to the warehouse with five special situations,The result was directly fired by Zheng Yao first waiting for four people.,How easy is more simple。

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