Instantly tense,Suwa’s consciousness,A few days ago, I grabbed others.,Now I am looking for my door.……Short half a day。

Seven programming training courses on a whole street,Five people show that the intention of purchasing a computer from Suhum,Different two small training courses,This is in the new computer,Sumu and Li Pingan“Double spring”Unwoodly。
In the five families,There are two two from Su Tin to know the offer.,Decisively pay a small deposit。
A total of one hundred and 14 computers,Successfully handed in the hands of Suhu,There are also two training institutions in a state of hesitation.,Will give a reply tomorrow,Estimated to plan。
I am not worried about this Sumu.,Profits are compressed within 80 US dollars,Not thousands of big orders,Powerful suppliers will not compete。
Nothing supplier,Encounter business to send the door,More than half a knife,Quotation is not low,Generally, it is guaranteed to be about 10% profit,Football is doubled than the profit you want to get。
Private computer is born,Now that the market is like,Sales have long been half dead,In order to ensure profit,Retailers can only increase computer prices,Knowing that killing chickens have done,Otherwise the store is likely to lose money。
Some people buy money,No one can buy it, you can’t make money.,Su Tak thinks very well,He serves as an middle-aged role,Attached no cost,How much can earn?。
So I would rather depress the price to be big mass shipments.,As long as you can guarantee enough profits,Appetite is not very big,There are thousands of dollars profits to fill。
The first touch of the cover,After being successfully cheated by Sumu,Next, he and Li Pingan are organized by vendors.,Go to contact with other training institutions,Touch those bosses,It’s just a kind of——“Your opponent purchases new computers”。
In the early 1980s,Countless young people or middle-aged people,Running the most training organization’s largest Silicon Valley area learning programming,Interest disputes are therefore generated between various training courses。
No one is willing“Army competition”Behind,It is normal to cause so strange situation.,It can only be said that Sumu has successfully seized their needs.,In psychologically overcome these potential customers。
This is a high positive,Even now they know that Suhu has already contacted everyone,Part of the part,Also choose Continue Purchase,Everyone is worried about the opponent to replace computer equipment,Make the students in the training class,Follow、Thirty years later, the competition between Internet cafes is a bit similar.。
What’s more, the offer given by Suhum is indeed low.,No one is willing to go with money,So he is not worried about his own small figures,I used it all the afternoon on Saturday.,Make the computer hardware of these programmed training courses……
At this moment。
Li Pingan stands on the wall to look at the sunset,Suddenly I want home。
He thought that he would never want home.,Leave Tang Dynasty, the small place that is sleepy for more than ten years,Will only feel relaxed,Now I finally discovered that it was wrong.。
I didn’t call my family for a few days.,Prepare to talk to your parents after going back at night.,By the way, a safe。
Recall things that happened this afternoon,I didn’t stand it.。
I never known a friend Sumu,It’s so savvy in doing business.,Successful people in a few worths of millions of dollars,Turned by yourself and Sumu,A sense of accomplishment,Silently wish Sumu continues good luck。 Head top billboard,Write a training class name“Beyond the Dream”,Afternoon Sumu promised covering boss,From oneself“elder brother”I will tell him after asking the price.,At this moment, there is a business in the boss office.,Li Ping is waiting for him at the door.。
Today is half a day,Su Tsui earned his old man to open a restaurant,Talents can earn money,Walking with wind,I am afraid that the boss is going out,Pulling Li Ping, hurry to ride,Said in your mouth:“you guess?”
“……Also guessed?”Li Pingan:“Are written on your face?,Laughing face is full of pleats,Fighting with my family。”
Wang Cai is a dog,Huaxia specialty sau dog,The price is not low in the United States,Send a breeding can get one hundred dollars income。
If there is a possibility,Li Pingan can’t hate the fat dog every day.,In this way, you can make a lot of money.,Unfortunately only once,There are not many people in the United States to raise the saberdog,Correct“Seed dog”Non-demand。
“Hahaha!boarding!”Sumu replied:“Um,deal,One hundred and forty,I can earn this number!”
If you still follow the last purchase price,Just points to Charli owner 20 per 20 US dollars,Remove shipping costs, soum can be from each computer,Over 50 dollars。
See this“seven”gesture,Li Pingan tap,Mutter:“Good guy,Earn more than 10,000 knives a day!”
“more than,There are also some accessories,Also purchased here!Come on next week to create a company,I really make money too much.,Large market!”Sumu is proud。
“Safety,After I register after the company,Help me next week to sell!We still have a lot of money.,There is a new idea recently,Wait until I opened the sales,I can build a computer brand yourself.,Purchasing parts from accessories manufacturers,Assembly of complete computer sales!
After all, you are still young.,Didn’t experience the big waves,Today is stimulated by profits.,So what is the mood of Sumu,Start fantasy future development。
This is obviously a good high,But it is full of passion,Because of young,Future is full of infinity。
In the eye,The future is a big good,What difficulties can be solved,Bicycle under the foot,They are all ride out of the momentum of Ferrari,Expand again……
Li Pingqi can’t understand,“Such high-end things,You can create?”
“Who says I want to build??I am just responsible for assembly,Recently I have just found parts that can find all computers on the market.,Buy parts directly after assembly,The price is definitely very low……I can’t get it for the time being.,I have too little money in my hand.,Try later。”
Su Tak is still a bit of self-knowledge,Didn’t boast the Haikou,How much is there in the account?,He is very clear。

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