Chapter One Hundred and Eleven(Subscribe)

“and then!”Lin Yan poured a glass of wine for Tang Yuehua and wondered。
Tang Yuehua took the cup on the table and drank it。
“I have also left the sect since then,Came here,Created this Yuexuan with one hand,Twenty years have passed over time,My heart gradually let go,For my brother, only the old family affection remains,And met you today…”Tang Yuehua immediately lowered her head and dared not look at Lin Yan。
Lin Yan smiled bitterly:“You should know,I am from Wuhun Hall,And you are a direct child of the Clear Sky School,We will eventually become enemies,Don’t you know?”
“I know,I have lived for the sect for decades,I want to live for myself,I want to pursue my love, can’t it?,I know you are the young master of Wuhun Palace,Also the enemy of my second brother and my nephew,But i’m not afraid,I am willing to be with you。”Tang Yuehua immediately said loudly。
Lin Yan was stunned by this scene,This is the most exciting time he saw Tang Yuehua in a year。
Lin Yan gave a bitter smile and slowly drank his cup of wine:“Why do you like me,My looks?”
“I didn’t have any good feelings for you at first,But it didn’t feel bad,Do you remember the glass of wine you gave me back then?”
“Remember,I put it on the table when you didn’t drink it。”
Tang Yuehua stood up and faced Lin Yan,My face suddenly leaned over,The sexy lips gently pressed against Lin Yan’s mouth,Lin Yan’s eyes widened。
“My first kiss is gone!”Lin Yan looked at Tang Yuehua and closed her eyes。Make him feel like doing something wrong。
Lin Yan slowly closed his eyes,In this way, the two kissed each other affectionately in the pavilion。
After a long time, Tang Yuehua broke free and sat next to him,The red face is like an apple, I can’t help but want to take a bite。
Lin Yan gently touched her lips,Smiled softly。
“After drinking your wine, I broke through tenth level spirit power,Become a true soul master,After I absorbed the first spirit ring, my ascension speed was so-called a thousand miles,He is now a Level 20 Second Ring Spirit Master”
Lin Yan immediately looked at her,His wine was to get through all the meridians in her body,No wonder there is something wrong every time I see Tang Yue Hua Linyan。
Lin Yan looked sideways and solemnly looked at Tang Yuehua,Right hand stroking the red face。

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