Wang Degui said so many things in one breath,And can understand。It seems that his recovery is really good。When he speaks,Everyone is listening carefully,Especially Chen Yueqin,She listens most seriously。

“it is good!Since dad said that,Then you can take Chunni back to the hotel to rest,Leave it to me and mom。Come back at night,I’ll talk about it when I can’t go”Wang Youdao said firmly。
Wang Youcai thought about it,Anyway, so many people stay in the ward for patients,Also very uncomfortable。It’s better for them to take a break。
Yao Chunni listens most to Wang Youcai’s words,Wang Youcai just winked at her,She left with Wang Youcai。Chen Yueqin watched Wang Youcai and Yao Chunni disappear from the back。
She smiled and said to Wang Youdao:“Your third brother has grown up,Your dad and I don’t worry about him anymore。His wife looks like it,It’s really our Lao Wang family!”
“mom!This is only considered married”Wang Youdao said disapprovingly。
First2158chapter Leave you to marry me
Back to the hotel,Yao Chunni said she was not sleepy,Touch the bed,Snored。No matter what Wang Youcai does to her,She can’t even fall asleep。
Wang Youcai, who has nothing to do, feels very boring,He closed the door gently,Took the room card and went downstairs。He was not a peaceful person,How could it be possible to let him sit down??
Out of the hotel,Wang Youcai was walking on the street looking around,He doesn’t know what he is going to do。He is different from young people of the same age,Some people like to spend their time on TV the most,But Wang Youcai is the opposite,He is most annoying watching TV。
he thinks,Everything on TV is fake,What stories are even made up,Also all fake。Walked out a street,He bought a pack of cigarettes and smoked a cigarette in his mouth。He walked forward,Smoking a cigarette。
Pingdu Street in the morning after ten o’clock,Looks very gentle and peaceful。The people here show a lazy appearance in everything they do,Gives a sense of lack of fighting spirit。
Wang Youcai is walking,Suddenly I feel that the scene in front of me is very familiar。He stopped,Take a closer look,It turns out that she came to the clothing store where Xu Lihong sells clothes。
Just when he was thinking about why he came to this place,Xu Lihong with sharp eyes has seen him,She greeted her with a smile。Xu Lihong wore a black suit with short skirt。Two beautiful legs are set off in flesh-colored stockings,Although it dazzles people’s eyes。
Xu Lihong’s body is really good,As soon as this suit is worn,It’s really high convex back,Thin waist。Just when Wang Youcai was looking at Xu Lihong stupidly,
Xu Lihong has walked to Wang Youcai in two steps,She lowered her voice:“Don’t be silly here,Julan is at home alone”When Xu Lihong said this,,Chong Wang Youcai blinked。

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